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Coming October 2021

“The last 30 years of globalization was controlled by 60,000 big companies. In the next 30 years, we will have six or 16 or 60 million companies get involved in globalization..”

Jack Ma
Co-founder of Alibaba

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Productsup empowers brands and retailers to reach more customers on more channels and maximize sales. The company’s pioneering platform enables leading global companies like IKEA, Aldi, or Sephora to successfully aggregate, optimize, contextualize and distribute product content across more than 2,500 marketing, ecommerce, and retail channels. Headquartered in Berlin, Productsup has raised a total of $45M in funding.

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  • The buying trends you can count on today Three golden rules for success in 2021 Tips and insights on the ”new normal”
  • What exactly commerce anarchy is
  • How it is impacting the market
  • What is needed to combat the chaos

What product data feeds are

The three steps to take you from raw data to target channels

Common ways to optimize and standardize product data

Consumers are now discovering, researching, and buying products on more channels than ever before. The paths between products, services, and consumers are increasingly complex, difficult to navigate, and chaotic. We call this commerce anarchy. 

Successfully navigating commerce anarchy requires a radical rethink of every global value chain connecting you with your customers. 

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Forrester analyst report: Commerce Anarchy

Commerce Anarchy


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